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The MAC address would be on the Network Card (there's a plate/tag on it possibly underneath if you don't see it as it sits on the logic board).
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I need something that is reliable and will never change even if the device is reset. You're up a creek here. The two "tracking" features are Advertising Identifier and Identifier for Vendor. The former can be reset within the Settings app quite easily while the latter will reset once the user uninstalls all apps with the root bundle identifier associated with the app suite.

How to Find the MAC Address of Your iPhone or iPad

Both also change with a device reset of course. If you're deploying the app with an MDM solution you will have access to that device's UDID as it still flows forward to MDM servers, you just can't access it programmatically in your code.

The complete deprecation of UDID, serial number and MAC address even with private APIs stomped all over some custom utilities I wrote within our Enterprise to try and accomplish something similar to what you're looking to do. If you find somethingthats consistent I'd love to see the follow-up!

Finding the MAC Addresses and Serial Numbers of Devices

I had an epiphany while circling back to this situation again. If you are in fact using AirWatch I can't speak to Mobile Iron, etc you can setup the console to send a keychain value to each device at the time of app install. From there the app will be able to consume the value AirWatch sends down. While this workaround comes with a big caveat using AirWatch for deployment it will work.

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How to Find the Hardware MAC Address of an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch in iOS

We are using In order for authentication to take place, we need to provide a. For all the PC's already connected, we just used our Altiris product and pulled all that info easily enough. Now we are getting iPads in for principles etc… and many more to come I'm sure and I do not want to turn every one of these on just to write down a MAC address. I see that Apple places Serial number on the devices and was wondering if there was any location where I could obtain the MAC addresses associated with those serial numbers so that we could import them into the ISE system.

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Or do you have any other suggestions? We were not planning on plugging them in to configurator at all if possible, as this would add another step to process. Once the devices have network connectivity, we can manage them completely from this product.

If Your Mac Won’t Turn On

I would welcome any answer as to the easiest way to obtain these MAC id's or any concerns or thoughts you might have about the process we are using. Posted on Nov 8, 7: Then go to the notes app, create a new note and paste what you copied.

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The copy paste procedure picks up the characters that had run off the screen. Apple, this is lame. Dear jon, Thanks a million, It was really applicable and I have been crazy for several time,some days,but I finally find the your method. Thank you again for help. Name required.

How to Find Your iPad's MAC Address | Macinstruct

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