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HP officejet Pro A software driver for Mac OS v . In Mountain Lion the ''Driver Version'' was 4.x (sorry I don't remember the exact.
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Reboot everything. Router, printer and pad. If it used to work, it will again.

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It just lost itself somewhere. I have not had any issues with it until now. It has barely been used. I just now took all of the plastic off of it. I turned it on and I get a "Printhead Problem" message on the touch screen. I have done everything on the HP support site to try to fix it, and it still didn't work.

Please help! This printer is practically brand new. It should be working, not having issues!! If it's out of warranty then one option might be to purchase a new printhead at the HP Part Store.

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The part no. More details in the link below Problems printing to HP officejet A plus e-All-in-one printer en.

According to the setup network test Wireless network test report , everything is successful status "PASS" for all fields. I also checked that the IP configured is the same as the IP displayed on the printer when i push the wireless button updated via "Update IP address". I have a laptops as well as netbooks connected to the wireless network.

All these devices could previously print, however now none of them can. When i run the diagnostics both the standard trouble shooter, as well as the one from microsoft when clicking on the fixit option , no problems are detected. When checking the device manager, i can see no conflicts. Operation could not be completed error 0xb. Please assist with any suggestions. I was able to resolve the problem. I reinstalled the printer on one of my other laptops this might have cleared up an error on the printer. I think the true problem is related to the fact that we left the printer on, we've started switching it off when not in use.

Even though it goes into sleep mode, it seems to cause problems over time if not switched off on the printer itself. The basics i did was check the network connection, printed a status of the network connectivity you can do that from your control panel on the printer. If the network looks good, then try leaving your printer off for an hour or so, if that doesn't work, try reinstalling the printer on your device and start switching it off after use.

I know it sounds crazy, but that's what i've been doing and haven't had a problem since. It was a strange problem, in some cases i wasn't able to see the printer from devices that previously could, when the devices that could see the printer tried to print, it would print okay for a few pages and then start printing garbage, followed by failing completely and cancelling the print. When this happened there would be an error on the device saying it cannot connect to the printer, even though it could at the start of print.

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I have run the wirelss setup wizard and have successfully connected the printer to the router, and both the laptop and printer are on the same network and have identical SSID. However, we can not send any prints the printer wirelessly. We have to hook it up to the USB to do so.

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We are also unable to access our web apps; pressing the app button on the printer control panel brings up the following: "Connection error. The printer was unable to connect to the server. Check your internet connection and try again. I turned off the firewall and tried again with no luck. I really am at a loss now. Diagnostics say it should work, but it doesn't. Disable Bitdefender altogeher and try again. I am employed by HP. I thought maybe that was the problem so I connected by USB. No Help. I assume this is an update??


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View Solution. No Problem. Is everything working now or this tool only removed the HP software? If so, then try downloading the full feature software to see if this fails or not here. Please choose your correct operating system; Either 32 bit or 64 bit. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. I worked on behalf of HP.

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I found an entry in All Programs called I. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, John. Hi, It's an option during the installtion process. I've been using "hp premium plus glossy photo paper" and getting very dark photos.

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Before this printer I used a Deskjet with the same paper and getting great quality. Thank you. This type of paper is known to work very well. If I helped you at all it would be great if you clicked the blue kudos star! If I solved your post please mark it as solved to help others. I'm a printer tech with HP. Does this product only print but not send to a computer? I need to edit the photos before printing.

This printer only supports printing from SD cards. In order to transfer the files to your computer, you will need an SD Card reader for your computer. Hope this clears things up for you, and have a good day! I would like to have a custom size to work with a card making program. Can you help me out? Make sure the paper size or type is correct to continue the job. I am running OS X Yosemite My printer's firmware is "up to date" as of Aug This is what I did: 1. Release date : Dec 17, 2. Release date : Sep 18, 5. Release date : Jan 28, Release date : Feb 12, 2.

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Welcome to the "hpdriverswindows. STEP 1. After all the HP Officejet Pro A drivers and software are downloaded and ready to install, you need to know that the file ends with. STEP 2. Then you can accept the default location to be able to save the file. Then you click next, then you wait a while to extract the data to be ready for installation. If the installation preparation starts, you can follow the instructions on the screen to install the HP Officejet Pro A software that you downloaded.

Next Installation We Will Suggest : The first provides functionally for complete products and useful software to help you maximize your mobile printer products. The second allows you to use all the features of your mobile printer product. The third is designed to work optimally for most users. Windows Bit.